Ear Piercing with Kendra Scott

Learn More About Our Ear Piercing Locations

For a limited time, Kendra Scott is offering professional ear piercing in select stores. If you’re looking for ear piercing locations in Austin or SoHo, now’s the time to get your next (or first!) piercing.

Learn About Our Professional Ear Piercing

How Long?

Each 15-minute appointment will allow up to two ear piercings. Please arrive to the appointment 10 minutes early, so you can pick out your earrings before your allotted time. (There’s so many options, it’s hard to choose!)

What’s the Process Like?

Our professional ear piercing team will work with you to decide on the proper piercing placement for your ear. Then, they’ll measure your ear to decide which size of post that is best for your earring. After that, they’ll clean the piercing area and use a sterile needle to pierce your ear.

Where Are Your Ear Piercing Locations?

To make an appointment at one of our locations, please call the store. There are limited spots available, but check back in the future as we may add more times, dates, and locations.


1701 S. Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78704

(512) 792-4581


126 Spring St. New York, NY 10012

(646) 846-3899

How Do I Ensure My Piercing Heals Properly?

After you receive your stunning new piercing, make sure you check out our Piercing Care Guide to ensure your new sparkle heals beautifully.

Who is Eligible for a Piercing?

Explore our Piercing FAQ page to learn more about our specific age requirements for a professional ear piercing.

Collection of Single Stud Earrings

Can’t make an appointment at one of our ear piercing locations? Explore our collection of single stud earrings, used for our in-store piercings, that are also available online for all of our Kendra Scott customers.

Crafted from 14k Gold, genuine gemstones, and diamonds, our Fine Jewelry single stud earrings are the perfect dainty accessories to add to your go-to ear stack. Some of our unique gemstones in this collection include Blue Sapphire, Turquoise, and Pink Sapphire.

Curated Ear Style Tips

Matched Metals

We love the tone on tone look created with the Payson, Rand, and the Ari single stud earrings in 14k Gold. Together, they add dainty style to the everyday.

A Pop of Color

For those looking for a playful pop for their curated ear look, we recommend the Reeve Mini Stud Earring in blue or pink. Wear this in your second piercing for an unexpected hint of color.

A Hint of Movement

Have a little fun choosing your everyday earring stack with the Zane Mini Stud Earring. This stud features a dainty Diamond linked to a pyramid-shaped stud, creating subtle movement.