Butterfly Jewelry to Make Your Heart Flutter

Get to Know Our Hopeful Shape in Stud Earrings & More

Our collection of butterfly jewelry features a meaningful symbol of transformation, growth, and hope. Designed to dress up your layers and stacks, this shape is a fresh (and fun!) reminder to brighten up your jewelry box. Learn more about this sweet little silhouette and uncover new ways to style it into the everyday.

Discover Butterfly Earrings & Necklaces!

Meet the Lillia Butterfly Suite

Find your soon-to-be-favorite in our Lillia Butterfly collection. From dainty stud earrings to symbolic pendant necklaces, we know you’ll adore this beautiful shape. Adorn your ears with the Lillia Butterfly Gold Stud Earrings (also available in Silver). Want to add a touch of color to your go-to layers? Opt for the Lillia Butterfly Gold Pendant Necklace.

Material Highlights

A new take on our favorite shell, we can’t help but love Lilac and Iridescent Abalone.

Dichroic Glass
Treasured for its ever-changing color, we can’t think of a more magical material to be paired with our butterfly shape.

Kyocera Opal
A go-to stone for endless sparkle, we’ve reinvented Kyocera Opal in the prettiest pastels, Turquoise and Rose Pink.

How to Style like a Pro

Add to Your Layers

The versatile Lillia Butterfly Strand Necklace is easy to layer with everything from our classic Elisa Pendant Necklace to on-trend chokers.

Curate Your Ear

Style the Lillia Butterfly Stud Earrings with our single stud and hoop earrings for a dynamic and carefree ear stack.

Brighten Up Your Look

Pair our whimsical Lillia Butterfly Gold Stud Earrings in your favorite stone with the matching Lillia Butterfly Gold Pendant Necklace for a pop of playful color.