Get to Know a Sparkling Fave, Kyocera Opal

Find it in Opal Rings, Opal Necklaces, & More

Beautifully reflective and enchantingly luminescent, Kyocera Opal draws you in with its striking array of colors. A fan favorite best loved for its sparkle, you can find the Kyocera Opal pieces of your dreams in our opal necklaces, opal rings, and more.

How It’s Made

A fan favorite and best seller for summer, Kyocera Opal is a lab grown, stabilized opal created to mimic the beauty of genuine opal. With flecks of color and beautiful iridescence, each stone takes 12-14 months to produce. This technique ensures that no two stones are exactly the same, making every piece of Kyocera Opal jewelry uniquely yours.

Our Classic Kyocera Opal

Our White Kyocera Opal stone adds unexpected sparkle and flashes of color to a quintessential neutral. Available year-round and embedded in Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold silhouettes, the styling possibilities of this Kyocera Opal hue are endless. Psst… Want to customize your own opal necklaces or opal rings with this beauty? You can do that at the Color Bar™!

Limited Edition Kyocera Opal

Kyocera Opal is stunning in white, but we also love to surprise our customers with new hues in some of our seasonal collections. Pink, purple, green… We’re all about neon pops of color in the form of our beloved Kyocera Opal. Pro tip: When they hit the shelves, don’t delay on purchasing because they never last long!

How to Wear It

Add a little extra something to your everyday bracelet stack with the dainty Mallory Gold Cuff Bracelet. Then when you head out for the night, don the Ever Rose Gold Pendant Necklace. This opal necklace may be simple in silhouette, but it truly shines when paired with your go to LBD. And of course, the Betty Silver Stud Earrings are eye-catching no matter the occasion.