About Our Shimmering Shell Jewelry

Treasures Collected Along the Shore

Discover new and returning shells in seasonal colorways from Kendra Scott. We love shells for summer, but you can easily style them all year round. Found in signature and seasonal designs, our shell jewelry is made of organic materials used to create natural color, texture, and iridescence.

Meet Our Colorful Shell Necklaces, Earrings & More!

Abalone Shell

Our genuine blue and green Abalone Shell is found within the inner shell of a mollusk. Add this eye-catching material to your jewelry box by browsing our timeless assortment of Abalone Shell jewelry. Bold and unique, we have recreated this dazzling material in various colorways, such as Iridescent and Lilac Abalone. Seen in pieces like the Lillia Butterfly Silver Stud Earrings, Iridescent Abalone Shell is created by stripping the shell of much of its color, allowing its natural iridescence to show off. Lilac Abalone Shell is made by tinting the shell, while still maintaining its beautiful shine—see this stone in our signature Ellie Gold Stud Earrings.


Produced from the inner layer of various oceanic shells, our Mother-of-Pearl material is what makes up the outer coating of pearls. Take a look at classic Ivory Mother-of-Pearl in shell necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. We’ve also dyed Mother-of-Pearl in various playful colors, like Teal, Papaya, Raspberry, Rose, and Lilac!

Styling Your Sparkling Treasures

For the Statement Pro

Have fun and stand out with an eye-catching pair of shell earrings like our Faceted Danielle Gold Statement Earrings in Ivory Mother-of-Pearl.

For Lovely Layers

For petite layers you’ll wear from sunrise to sunset, pair dainty shell necklaces such as the Dira Gold Charm Necklace in Lilac Abalone and the Elisa Gold Pendant Necklace in Abalone Shell.

For the Stacking Expert

We know you love a curated ear—add shells into your go-to stack with the Ari Heart Silver Huggie Earrings and Ellie Silver Stud Earrings in Ivory Mother-of-Pearl.