Meet Danielle: Kendra Scott’s Iconic Shape

Inspiring Our Statement Earrings & Much More

We’re known for our commitment to custom details, and the Danielle is famous for being our first-ever custom shape that we designed more than 10 years ago! Danielle is the icon that put us on the map, worn by all kinds of celebrities such as Hilary Duff and Mindy Kaling. Learn more about our signature Danielle statement earrings, and why they’re so easy to love!

Meet Danielle

The Danielle is an artful combination of two of Kendra’s favorite shapes in an elegant and modern package. This hexagonal shape is unique to us and perfect for showing off stones.

Danielle Statement Earrings

Our icon, who made us believe in love at first wear. The Danielle statement earrings have never met a color they didn’t like, making every stone look good. These signature earrings are found in a variety of stones and metals — we’re always adding new variations to these iconic beauties.

Every season since, we’ve imagined her in new ways — like in other best sellers such as the:

Elisa - Our best selling pendant necklace, the Elisa features our iconic Danielle shape in a dainty pendant that has become one of our most beloved styles.

Rayne - This classic long pendant necklace showcases a fun tassel embellishment at the bottom of our iconic shaped stone.

Elle - No matter what you’re wearing, the Elle Drop Earrings are certain to add the finishing touch to your look. These beauties are a smaller version of our Danielle earrings.

Lee - Want to go a size smaller than our Elle earrings? We have them! The Lee Drop Earrings are perfect for you if you want a lightweight version of our iconic shape.

Elton - What’s not to love about our favorite cuff bracelet? The Elton is a dainty pinch cuff bookended with Kendra Scott’s first custom shape.

Danielle’s also inspired many more modern pieces like the:

Diane - Incorporating custom metal filigree, the Diane Statement Earrings also subtly outline our favorite hexagonal shape.

Deena - The Deena Statement Earrings showcase gently hammered metal and a petite Danielle shaped stone.

Pepper - Even the simplest pieces have classic Kendra Scott flair. The Pepper Hoop Earrings are everyday staples with our signature shape incorporated at the post.

Fern - A unique take on our icon, the Fern Pendant Necklace highlights a petite modern pendant made of metal and shaped like Danielle.

Other Versions of Danielle

Danielle Open Frame Crystal Statement Earrings

These open frame statement earrings feature the same shape you know and love in a new way. Shaped like the Danielle, these earrings don’t enclose a center stone, allowing for stunning negative space in the middle of the design. For maximum sparkle, the frame of these earrings are outlined in crystals, delivering sparkle in a new way!

Faceted Danielle Earrings

Whether you already love this recognizable shape or you’re just laying eyes on it, the Faceted Danielle Earrings highlight a faceted stone, instead of the usual smooth center stone. This seasonal take on the Danielle adds a little extra sparkle and dimension to these best selling earrings.

Style Tips

Must-Have Neutral

We all need a pair of go-to earrings that are easy to throw on with any outfit! The Danielle Statement Earrings in Gold with a Black or Ivory Mother-of-Pearl stone are the neutrals your jewelry box needs. Elevate your look a step further with an Elton Cuff Bracelet in matching materials.

Shimmer of Color

For the gal who can’t get enough color, the Danielle Silver Statement Earrings in Dichroic Glass bring prismatic tones to life. Complete your outfit with dainty layers created with the Elisa Necklace in Dichroic Glass and the Fern Necklace in Silver.

The Color Bar™

Creating custom Danielle earrings is simple and fun at the Color Bar™. Start by selecting earrings in the Danielle shape, then style away! Pair her in any metal and stone combination that your heart desires. Customize other iconic shapes to create a matching set, like our Elton Cuff Bracelet.