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The Mommy & Me Suite

Make it a matching moment with our new Mommy & Me styles. Not intended for children under 8 years old.

Linda + Grace

Mother + Daughter

“Being a mom makes me feel proud, not only for my own children, but it makes me feel proud for all mothers who sacrifice, and love, and give until there’s no more to give because their children are the most important thing.”

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A piece of diamond, fine or demi-fine jewelry is something she deserves—and definitely wants.

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Khayshea + Kofi + LaNelle

Daughter + Granddaughter + Mother

“Being part of the motherhood community means strength. You have to be a very strong individual to go through motherhood. My mom friends help me all the time...and hopefully I do the same for them.”

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Ally + Ursula

Daughter + Mother

“I’ve seen my mom take on a lot of daring second chances. I think that’s the mother-daughter relationship; it’s showing what being a woman can be. I’ve learned a lot of amazing things from my mom.” 

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