About Our Diamonds

Go Behind the Design of Our Fine Jewelry

Loved for its stunning shimmer and delicate details, our Fine Jewelry is designed to be loved for a lifetime. Available in everything from classic pendants to artful earrings, our Fine Jewelry brings timeless romance to every look in 14k Rose Gold, 14k White Gold, and 14k Yellow Gold. Learn about the fine-tuned process we’ve developed to source and select Kendra Scott diamonds, as well as how to style some of our forever favorites, below.

How Our Diamonds Are Sourced

When sourcing our diamonds we adhere to the Kimberley Process, an international diamond certification process initiated by the United Nations to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds. The strict quality standards our suppliers follow ensure that our diamonds will be sourced responsibly while accounting for social and environmental concerns.

About Our White Diamonds

Color: H, Nearly Colorless
While subtle undertones may exist, our diamonds appear colorless when face up and mounted in their setting.

Clarity: SI1, Slightly Included
This level of diamond clarity has tiny inclusions, yet appears clean to the naked eye.

Cut: Round
This most popular diamond cut is designed to produce the ultimate sparkle.

Set In 14k Gold
Each style is set in 58.3% Gold, the ideal percentage for fine jewelry, and an exquisite match for our fashion jewelry.

Our Favorite Pieces

Designed with every occasion in mind, our Fine Jewelry defines modern elegance. From the high-impact Remi Ring that glitters from every angle to our dainty Marisa Necklace in our signature shape, our White Diamond treasures will elevate how you accessorize.

Style Tips

For the Every Day

Add a hint of glamour to a casual stack with our Audrey Cuff Bracelet.

For Special Occasions

Whether as a “something new” or “something sparkling,” our Jubiee Y Necklace will be cherished for years to come.