Our Guide to the Color Bar™ by Kendra Scott

How to Make Custom Bracelets & More

The Color Bar™ by Kendra Scott is an in-store and online experience where personal style meets instant gratification, meaning it’s easy to turn the jewels of your dreams into reality. Take a peek at what you can expect, whether you want to design your own bracelet or piece of custom jewelry.

Step 1. Choose Your Category

The Color Bar™ started in 2009 as a destination for creating custom jewelry, and now offers bridal among other collections. With a wide array of styles and gemstones, each category presents fresh ways for your personality to shine.

Step 2. Choose Your Style

Peruse over 50 signature Kendra Scott styles and find what speaks to you. Not sure where to start? Warm up with our best-selling styles, like the Elisa Necklace, Elton Cuff Bracelet, and Elle Earrings.

Step 3. Choose Your Metal & Stones

Now that you’ve found the perfect style, it’s time to pick your palette. Mix and match over 30 neutral, colorful, and sparkling gemstones, then frame it in the metal that best complements your design. After that, a Color Bar™ expert will set your custom jewelry by hand in minutes.

Style Tips:

Some of our favorite metal and stone combinations include Gold and White Kyocera Opal and Rose Gold and Berry Glass.

For custom earrings that wow, try the Gold Ellie Stud Earrings in bold gemstones such as Magenta or Peridot Illusion.

Design your own pair of earrings that make a subtle statement with our Stud Earrings in Platinum Drusy.

Our Rose Gold Edie Bracelet looks stunning in Pink Mother of Pearl or Clear Crystal for the everyday.