Color Theory at Kendra Scott

Discover The Meaning Behind Our Jewelry Colors

At Kendra Scott, we speak in color. We consider it our love language. We believe that sometimes, color speaks louder than words: representing a brilliant, living expression of who you are. From contrasting hues to calming neutrals, discover the meaning behind your favorite colors and wear them with pride.

The Meaning Behind Our Colors

Red - Energetic, passionate, and adventurous.

Bold and fiery, a piece of red jewelry is certain to be the focal point of any outfit. Flaunt this color with a bold pair of Reece Small Hoop Earrings or a staple Threaded Elisa Pendant Necklace.

Orange - Courageous, confident, and energetic.

For the audacious and daring, our orange jewelry adds a playful pop of color to your go-to layers. We love to incorporate this color into the everyday with a subtle pair of Demi Stud Earrings.

Yellow - Joyful, optimistic, and warm.

The 2021 color of the year, our yellow jewelry will uplift spirits and transform energies. If you’re not usually a fan of this color but still want to harness its energy, opt for a piece in Yellow Gold from our Fine Jewelry collection.

Green - Fresh, renewed, and positive.

Find serenity in Peridot Illusion, Green Malachite, and other stones in our suite of green jewelry. For a green statement, try wearing the Davis Beaded Bracelet in Green Onyx, or go for a more casual look with this Elisa Pendant Necklace.

Blue - Confident, loyal, and energetic.

Embrace the cool tones in our blue jewelry and discover the perfect piece to layer into your everyday. Inspire confidence and energy with a delicate Elisa Pendant Necklace in Light Blue Illusion or a feminine Davis Beaded Pendant Necklace in Blue Lapis.

Purple - Luxurious, creative, and magical.

A hint of purple brings out the visionary in all of us, peruse our hues of purple jewelry. Indulge in effortless luxury with our Elisa Triple Strand Necklace in Matte Iridescent Lilac Glass or represent true friendship with the Ever Lilac Cord Bracelet.

Pink - Passionate, creative, and playful.

For the romantic at heart, our collection of pink jewelry offers blushing stones for every style. Elevate the romanticism with a pink Ari Heart Necklace, or opt for a more subtle gesture when you wear a pair of Ari Heart Studs in Rose Quartz.

Black - Powerful, elegant, and sophisticated.

Make a statement with timeless black jewelry, because this neutral is a must in any jewelry box. Pair a striking Ever Gunmetal Pendant Necklace in Black Drusy with a simple pair of Ellie Studs for a powerful and edgy look.

Gray - Balanced, timeless, and reliable.

We love that gray is a go-with-anything color. Browse sparkling accessories in our suite of gray jewelry. Psst...these gorgeous Nola Studs in sparkling Platinum Drusy count as gray, too.

White - Pure, airy, and calm.

Bright and serene, our white jewelry looks stunning with everything. Our favorite white stone would have to be classic Mother-of-Pearl and shimmering Iridescent Drusy! Find these precious materials in several of our signature styles like the Elisa Pendant Necklace and Elle Drop Earrings.

Exploration at the Color Bar™

Take a spin around our Color Bar™ to find the shades that speak to you, then design a signature piece in the color(s) of your choice. Whether you’re looking to make a statement, inspire self-love, or just find a stone that makes you smile, we’ve got the color for you. For other color collections, explore our suite of Birthstone Colors.