The Color Bar™ Stones Guide

Design Custom Gemstone Rings & More

Get acquainted with some of our customers’ favorite stones used to design custom rings, earrings, and other gemstone jewelry at the Color Bar™. While some materials are time-tested favorites, others are only around for a limited time — so check often! We hope this guide is helpful in learning a little more about our custom jewelry staples.

Color Bar™ Stones Guide

Tried & True Neutrals

Ivory Mother-of-Pearl
Mother-of-Pearl is an organic shell material produced from the inner layer of various oceanic shells, just like the shiny, outer-coating of pearls. It is strong, scratch-resistant, and beautifully iridescent in our custom rings, necklaces, and other Color Bar™ styles.

Slate Cat’s Eye
Cat's Eye Glass contains optical fibers that allow the stone to change hues as it captures light. The term cat's eye describes the process used during the creation of the stone. Before the glass cools, thin transparent fibers are strung through the glass to create a reflective look.

A Little Iridescence

Dichroic Glass
Our most colorful neutral with a kaleidoscopic effect, created by layering iridescent foil between two pieces of glass.

White Kyocera Opal
Our Kyocera Opal a lab grown, stabilized opal created to mimic the beauty of genuine opal. With flecks of color and beautiful iridescence, each stone takes 12-14 months to produce, and is best loved for its striking flashes of colored light in our gemstone jewelry.

Pop of Color

Abalone Shell
Abalone Shell is the artful inner shell of a mollusk, whose hard, rock-like outer shell disguises the moody natural mix of blue and green underneath. Never dyed or enhanced in any way, Abalone Shell is one of nature’s most dazzling materials.

Bronze Veined Turquoise Magnesite
Our genuine Bronze Veined Turquoise Magnesite is created by crushing magnesite stones into small fragments and then dying them a vivid blue before filling in the cracks with metallic powder.

Serious Sparkle

Drusy, Drusy, Drusy! Choose from Black, Platinum, Rose Gold, Gold, or Iridescent Versions.
Drusy is the natural crystallization on a rock surface. All of our Drusy is genuine and has a rich sparkling appearance. Our range of Drusy colors are achieved by a custom plating process that coats the stone’s surface.

Psst...remember to check the Color Bar™ often to see new materials that pop in from season to season!

Design These Styles

Our Go-to Custom Ring

We love the natural addition of color that the Calvin Ring in Gold Periwinkle Cat's Eye brings to every look. Pair your Calvin Ring with minimalist metals and delicate pieces for a balanced style.

A Classic Color Bar™ Necklace

Dressed up or down, the Reid Beaded Pendant Necklace in Rose Quartz is a reliable piece that’s sure to turn heads with its combination of simplicity and radiance.

Earrings To Make a Statement

Capture the light and attention everywhere you go in a pair of Tomon Huggie Earrings in Iridescent Drusy. We love this pair for their infusion of fun in every look.

Stacking Custom Bracelets

Create your own arm party, with the Elaina Multi Strand in Drusy center stage. This sparkling bracelet is the perfect piece to mix and match.