Our Guide to Tennis Jewelry

What Is a Tennis Bracelet? Accessories, Styling Tips & More

What is a tennis bracelet? Tennis bracelets, like tennis necklaces, are pieces of elegant jewelry that owe their name to a famous incident that took place at the 1987 US Open tournament. Women’s pro tennis player Chris Evert served a ball to her opponent so swiftly that her Diamond bracelet flew off her wrist, prompting the officials to stop the match to help her find it (we would have done the same thing). Today, simple Diamond strand necklaces and bracelets are often referred to as tennis jewelry, paying homage to this iconic scene. Learn more about how to wear a tennis bracelet and get tips on how to build your own tennis bracelet stack. After all, you don’t have to hit the tennis courts to wear a tennis bracelet.

Discover Our Suite of Tennis Jewelry

Complement your everyday or evening attire with tennis jewelry — a luxurious look that never goes out of style.

Tennis Bracelets

Searching for an elegant tennis bracelet to add to your collection or give as a gift? Opt for the classic 14k Yellow Gold or White Gold Tennis Bracelet in White Diamond, available in either S/M or M/L. Plus, this tennis bracelet features a seamless box clasp for easy wear.

Tennis Necklaces

Next, opt for a timeless tennis necklace like the Carmen Tennis Necklace in Black Spinel, Emerald Mix, or Ruby Mix. Or, choose a strand that features smaller stones for a more refined look — the Larsen Tennis Necklace in White Crystal is one of our favorite pieces to wear to a black tie event.

How to Style Tennis Jewelry

Styling tip number one — make sure your tennis jewelry doesn’t come flying off!

Curate a Tennis Bracelet Stack

Elevate your everyday wrist stack with the 14k Yellow Gold Tennis Bracelet in White Diamond. Pair this piece with other basics on the same wrist like the Grayson Gold Cuff Bracelet in White Crystal or the Abbie Metal Bangle Bracelet in Gold.

Mix Up Your Metals

Wondering how to wear a tennis bracelet so that it can do all of the talking? Wear your tennis bracelet alone on one wrist, then on the other wrist, wear a bracelet stack featuring some mixed metal pieces — this will make a subtle statement without distracting from the tennis bracelet’s alluring shine.

Layer Up with a Tennis Necklace

Choose either the Carmen Tennis Necklace or the Larsan Tennis Necklace as your focal piece, then add one or two more necklaces in different lengths and textures to create a one-of-a-kind look. We love how the sleek Larsan Tennis Necklace pairs with the Elisa Pendant Necklace for a touch of color.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tennis Jewelry

What does tennis jewelry mean?

The term “tennis jewelry” or “tennis bracelet” refers to the 1987 US Open tournament incident when pro tennis player Chris Evert served a ball to her opponent so swiftly that her Diamond bracelet flew off her wrist, prompting the officials to stop the match to help her find her bracelet. Tennis jewelry is known for its elegant, simple style featuring a strand of Diamond or crystals.

Is it OK to wear a tennis bracelet every day?

Yes, you can wear our Diamond tennis bracelets every day because it is a piece of high-quality Fine Jewelry. Our 14k White and Yellow Gold is safe to wear every day and will last for years to come. However, we do recommend removing your tennis bracelet before showering or exercising to avoid any potential damage or wear and tear.

Why are tennis bracelets expensive?

Tennis jewelry, and tennis bracelets specifically, are typically more expensive than other pieces of Fashion Jewelry because they feature dozens of high-quality Diamonds or crystals.