On-Trend Enamel Jewelry

Learn About This Unique and Colorful Jewelry Making Technique

Seeing colorful enamel jewelry all over your social feeds? This jewelry trend is in and here to stay — we can’t get over these vibrant pieces! But first, what is enamel jewelry?

Enamel on jewelry is a coating that’s applied to the metal as a paste or powder, then heated to fuse the metals with the coating. This fusion creates a colorful coating that wouldn’t be possible with metals alone. Interestingly enough, this technique has been used for centuries to create beautiful art like vases, bowels, and jewelry. And this year, we’re finally bringing it back with an assortment of enamel drop earrings , stud earrings, and pendant necklaces.

Meet Our Enamel Jewelry Collection

Add a touch of color to your everyday with enamel earrings and necklaces in your favorite silhouettes.

Bold Enamel Earrings

From effortless stud earrings like the Arden Gold Enamel Framed Stud Earrings in Orange Banded Agate to classic drop earrings like the Elle Gold Enamel Framed Drop Earrings in Ivory Mix, there’s a pair of enamel jewelry earrings for every style. Choose from more neutral colors like Ivory Mix and Navy Goldstone or opt for a vibrant accent with Dark Lavender Ombre Illusion and Amethyst.

Colorful Enamel Necklaces

Spice up your go-to pendant necklace with the Elisa Gold Enamel Framed Short Pendant Necklace in Sea Green Ombre Illusion or Dark Lavender Ombre Illusion. Or, choose a more muted enamel color like Ivory Mix.

How to Style Enamel Jewelry

Transition your enamel jewelry from day to night with these simple styling tips.

For the Workday

Heading to the office? Keep it simple with a pair of delicate studs like the Arden Gold Enamel Framed Stud Earrings in Maroon Magnesite, and pair them with your favorite metal chain necklace and bracelet stack.

For Happy Hour

Unwind from a busy day and let your true colors shine with a pair of statement earrings like the Dani Gold Enamel Framed Drop Earrings in Amethyst. And, add a complementary necklace like the Dottie Gold Multi Strand Necklace in Amethyst to tie the look together.

For a Formal Affair

Our favorite enamel jewelry to wear to a wedding or formal event? The Elisa Gold Enamel Framed Short Pendant Necklace and Elle Gold Enamel Framed Drop Earrings in Ivory Mix. This signature color pairs well with any elevated ensemble, and complements most of our Fine and Demi-Fine jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Enamel Jewelry

Does enamel jewelry last?

Although our enamel jewelry is not a part of our Fine or Demi-Fine collections, it is high-quality Fashion jewelry that, when taken care of, can last for years to come. We recommend storing your enamel jewelry in a soft cloth pouch or jewelry box when you’re not wearing it.

Can you shower with enamel jewelry?

We do not recommend wearing your enamel jewelry in the shower as it could expose it to potentially harsh chemicals found in body products, and can contribute to more wear and tear. Additionally, our Fashion jewelry is gold and silver metal over brass, so it is not waterproof.

How do you take care of enamel jewelry?

To keep your enamel jewelry looking its best, avoid wearing it in the shower or while working out and store it in a safe, dry place. When your piece needs to be cleaned, simply use a soft, microfiber jewelry cloth to gently rub away any tarnishes found on the metal.