Engravable Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry

Discover the Meaning Behind Our Turquoise Necklaces & More

Our demi-fine collection is made with elevated materials, like our genuine stones. From Turquoise necklaces to Malachite earrings, each stone found in our Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil pieces has a unique meaning. Learn more about our semi-precious stone jewelry and fun ways to customize each piece!

Meaning Behind the Stones

Blue Lapis

A genuine, undyed stone with splashes of gold and white. Known to inspire wisdom, spirit, and truth.

Ivory Mother-of-Pearl

A genuine shell material that makes up the outer coating of pearls. Known to inspire peace, wisdom, and loyalty.

Pink Quartzite

Genuine, dyed, metamorphic rock that started out as sandstone. Known to inspire love, friendship, and loyalty.

Gray Labradorite

A genuine and undyed stone with a soft gray tone that ignites when light plays across it, creating flashes of rainbow iridescence. Known to inspire confidence, reflection, and contemplation.


This genuine and undyed stone is loved for its rich green coloring and dramatic banding. Known to inspire strength, courage, and clarity.


One of Kendra’s forever favorites due to its rich coloring and natural veining, this genuine and undyed stone is seen in several of our Turquoise necklaces. Known to inspire insight, intuition, and understanding.

Psst...Some of Our Stones are Engravable!

Many of our semi-precious stone jewelry styles are engravable—and it isn’t just limited to metal. Did you know that you can engrave stones too, like our one-of-a-kind Dichroic Glass and classic Ivory Mother-of-Pearl? Now, you can engrave meaningful messages into pieces like the Davis Charm, Medallion Charm, or Davis Cocktail Ring.

Engraving Our Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry

A Meaningful Necklace

Whether you opt for the Davis Turquoise Necklace or the Medallion Charm to layer on a charm necklace, we love to engrave classic names and initials into these pieces. A reminder of your partner, your kid, or even yourself, no matter who you choose to represent, engraving is an easy way to keep loved ones close.

A Playful Bracelet

Add ever-so-stackable bracelets like the Davis Beaded Bracelet or Delicate Beaded Bracelet into your everyday look. Make them uniquely yours by engraving fun symbols or favorite cities into their metallic pendant accents.

A One-of-a-Kind Ring

The Davis Cocktail Ring is certain to draw attention, whether dressed up or down. Engrave a playful acronym or inspirational phrase into the stone to accentuate your personality.