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Customize Your Look with Extenders & Chain

Learn About Our Necklace Extenders & More

Want to create custom fitted accessories with ease? We have the perfect collection for you! Our bracelet and necklace extenders and chains are designed for unlimited customization. Learn how to find the right extender or chain to create the look you’re dreaming of below.


Set a length for every look with our collection of bracelet and necklace extenders. Discover which one is best for your piece:

Lobster Claw

One of the most common clasps in jewelry, our lobster claw extender is ideal for any of our fashion jewelry pieces. Simply hook the 2 inch extender to your link necklace or bracelet for a little added length.

Hook Necklace Extender

Need something longer than 2 inches? The hook necklace extender is right for you. Designed with a 4 inch length, attach this extender onto your favorite styles to find the perfect fit.

Bracelet Link Extender

Designed for your go-to charm bracelets, our bracelet link extender allows you to lengthen your piece. Whether you prefer a loose fit or something close to the wrist, this extender makes styling so simple.

Bracelet Flip Extender

Made for bracelets with fold-over clasp closures, our small link extender will give your petite pieces that bit of length you’ve been searching for.


Chains are so versatile! Wear solo, add a charm, or layer with other necklaces… Can’t decide which one to choose? Learn a little more about our favorites!

18 & 30 Inch Thin Chain Necklace

Dainty and delicate, this elevated chain is ready for however you want to style. Whether worn with charms or on its own, it’s a classic.

18 Inch Double Chain Link Necklace

For those who love to make a statement, our double chain link necklace is a perfect canvas for the Kendra Scott charm that means the most to you.

Thin Adjustable Chain Necklace

Looking for a chain that’s easy to put on and take off? Our thin adjustable chain necklace features an adjustable slider, so you can easily adjust it to your ideal length!

32 Inch Chain Link Necklace

The longest piece in this collection, the 32 inch chain link necklace features a subtle hammered finish. Just add Kendra Scott charms with the custom removable bail that comes with each.

Chain Link Bracelet

Embrace the classic charm bracelet look with our chain link bracelet, crafted in favorite metals like Gold, Rose Gold, Vintage Silver, and Vintage Gold.

Styling Your Necklace Extenders & Chains

Lengthen Your Go-To Necklace

Want to style your Elisa Necklace in even more ways? Hook on our Lobster Claw Gold Necklace Extender to your piece for an extra 2 inches to style!

A Hint of Vintage Flair

Embrace the classic charm bracelet look by adding your favorite Kendra Scott charms to our chain link bracelet.

Styling a Timeless Keepsake

Dainty and delicate, our 18 inch chain necklace is made in favorite elevated metals like Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil. Make it your own with our collection of Fine Jewelry Charms.