Falling for Deep Blue Lapis

Learn About this Intense Blue Gemstone

Found in classic Kendra Scott styles and seasonal pieces, Blue Lapis is a bold indigo gemstone with a rich texture. This beautiful material is known to encourage self-awareness and self-expression to reveal inner truth. Explore our collection of Lapis jewelry—featuring unique earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

The Gemstone Profile

Lapis, also known as Blue Lapis, has been used for adornment and jewelry-making since the Neolithic Age. With splashes of gold pyrite and white calcite within the stone, Blue Lapis has an almost celestial feel. It’s made primarily of lazurite, a deep-blue to greenish-blue mineral—the root of the stone’s prized blue appearance.

Healing Stone Qualities

Find honesty and compassion with this expressive gemstone. This stone will help you further your journey of self-discovery through self awareness. Because of these qualities, we’ve added Blue Lapis into the Color Bar™ – allowing you to create jewelry that will bring good luck wherever you go.

We’ve Made Lapis Timeless

While you’ll find Blue Lapis in our line of fashion jewelry, we’ve recently added it as a staple in our suite of Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil pieces. These jewelry box must-haves are simple, yet timelessly stunning for any occasion. This elevated collection allows you to love your Lapis jewelry for years to come.

Style Tips

Bold in Blue and Gold

Add a touch of blue into your go-to necklace layers with the Elisa 18k Gold Vermeil Necklace in Blue Lapis. We love how the Vermeil complements the specks of gold within the stone.

An Azure Statement

Unique in both shape and color, the Ryan Gold Stud Earrings are a Lapis jewelry staple that you’ll adore. Simply put your hair up and let these earrings be the focal point of every outfit.

A Healing Gift

Give the gift of compassion with the Teddy Bracelet in Blue Lapis and her favorite metal. This is the perfect sentimental piece of jewelry that’s certain to lift her spirits.