How to Style Signet Rings

What are Signet Rings and How Do You Wear Them?

Signet rings are classic pieces of jewelry for a reason — they have deep historical roots and have recently made a comeback as a modern fashion trend. Originating from the Latin word “signum” meaning “sign,” signet rings were popularized by religious leaders and Pharaohs who used the rings to mark and seal documents by pressing them into hot wax. These signet rings were usually marked with a unique family crest or symbol, acting as a signature for the person who was wearing it. Today, wearers have moved beyond their traditional use, but still wear personalized signet rings as an homage to their heritage. Learn more about our exclusive collection of engravable signet rings and gather styling tips to make the accessory your own.

Discover Our Men’s and Women’s Signet Rings

Browse our selection of signet rings for men and women, available in a variety of elevated and engravable Demi-Fine materials.

Hicks Signet Ring

According to Cade and Beck Scott, there’s nothing more recognizable in men’s jewelry than the signet ring. They helped design the Hicks Signet Ring with the goal of creating something that was memorable, achieved with its etched sides and complemented by its iconic silhouette. This ring is available in long-lasting Sterling Silver which is great for everyday wear.

Davis Signet Ring

Featuring our iconic Davie silhouette, the Davis Signet Ring is available in 18k Gold Vermeil or Sterling Silver, and flaunts clean lines and a hexagonal shape that pairs well with nearly any other accessory.

Elisa Signet Ring

With our signature shape on a classic silhouette, the simple yet stunning Elisa Signet Ring is an everyday essential you’ll find yourself reaching for time and time again. This classic piece is available in Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Vermeil.

Hudson Signet Ring

A modern twist on tradition, the Hudson Signet Ring is a must-have piece for those who are looking for something subtle to wear every day — it’s also available in Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Vermeil. Featuring a traditional landscape seal, this polished yet durable ring can be worn alone or stacked with other band rings.

Styling Signet Rings

Some rules are meant to be broken. Create your own twist on classic signet ring styling with these three tips.

Make It Personal

All of our Demi-Fine signet rings are engravable! Personalize your piece with a meaningful date, initial, symbol or short phrase, or engrave it with something sentimental for a loved one and give it as a gift. They’ll never want to take it off.

Curate a Ring Stack

New to ring stacking? We’ve got you covered. Start with the basics and wear one of our signet rings on your index finger or pinky. Then, add some shine on another finger with a couple of stackable Diamond rings like the Mila 14k Yellow Gold Band Ring and the Nicolette 14k Yellow Gold Band Ring in White Diamond. Finally, choose a bold finishing touch to tie the look together with the playful Ari Heart Band Ring or the iconic Abbie Metal Double Band Ring.

Mix Metals

Choose your favorite signet ring in either Sterling Silver or 18k Gold Vermeil, then pair it with other band rings in the opposite metal for a mixed metal ring stack. Or, make your signet ring the focal point and complement it with a layered necklace look or wrist stack in the opposite metal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Signet Rings

What does wearing a signet ring mean?

Signet rings have been worn for centuries and were traditionally used as a symbol of authority or to signify family ties. For example, throughout history, signet rings have been worn to signify someone’s occupation or connection to a specific family. The Royal Family often wears signet rings embossed with their family’s Coat of Arms.

What finger are signet rings worn on?

Wearers typically place a signet ring on their least dominant hand. Men usually wear signet rings on their pinky fingers, while women usually wear them on their ring finger. Historically, this is not a hard and fast rule and often depended on cultural heritage. Today, signet rings may be worn on any finger based on personal preference.

What are signet rings used for?

Signet rings were originally used to mark and seal documents by pressing the face into hot wax. The face of signet rings were usually marked with a unique family crest, making the seal a personal signature of sorts.