The Power of Healing Stones

Customize Them in Bracelets, Necklaces & More

Enhance your energy by inviting the power of stones into your life. The Kendra Scott suite of Healing Stones features nine different gems that you can create in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

Kendra Scott Healing Stones

Rose Quartz

This blushing stone connects to the nurturer and romantic within, reminding you that sometimes the greatest “healing” power is an open and loving heart. Rose Quartz is loved for its hazy pink hue—a quintessential neutral.

Brown Tiger's Eye

In need of a little motivation to embrace a new opportunity? Brown Tiger’s Eye will give you the extra push you need to take the right action.


For the power to expand your mind and unleash your creativity, rely on Labradorite’s insight to make your everyday more magical. This hazel colored stone is stunning in any piece of charm jewelry.

Green Quartz

When searching for the answer to a problem, Green Quartz opens the door to wisdom, health, and prosperity. Look to Green Quartz in times when you need to tap into your intuition.


For a head in the clouds that longs to reconnect to the earth, give your inner strength and resolve a boost with the grounding energy of Hematite.

Smoky Quartz

Drive out hesitation with a wave of positivity. Smoky Quartz, a translucent brown gem, brings you back to yourself, allowing you to concentrate on tackling the challenges in your path with purpose.


When it’s time for an emotional cleanse, let black Obsidian repel negativity and protect your headspace. Known as a mirrorer, this stone allows you self reflect and uncover your own personal truths.


Get to know your true self with Amethyst, a purple stone that magnifies your body’s positive vibes so you can easily connect to your heart and mind. Amethyst is often used in meditation because it’s known to decrease stress and anxiety.


Lift your spirits, enhance your natural intuition, and give voice to your truth. Blue Lapis will help you further your journey of self-discovery through self awareness.

Our Favorite Styles

A Classic Duo

Designing your first piece of jewelry with a healing stone? We love our Macrame Cuff Bracelet in Amethyst and Silver. Listen to your heart with this light purple stone — then add more bracelets to your arm party to personalize your style even more!

Dark Neutrals

Shield yourself from negativity with the Cynthia Bracelet in Obsidian. We love the dainty sparkle that this silhouette provides to the moody dark stone. If you like this look, Kendra Scott offers an entire suite of other pieces of black jewelry.

A Warm Accent

Add depth and iridescence to an everyday necklace with the Mabel Necklace in Brown Tiger’s Eye. Pair this Healing Stone necklace with other warm toned accessories (like those in our collection of Gold earrings