The Kendra Scott Guide to Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, and More.

Let's Celebrate

Celebrate your favorite birthdays with our birthstone colors. Birthstone inspired jewelry has been around for centuries and makes a beautiful addition to every jewelry box – and makes the perfect gift! Our unique take on traditional birthstones, find birthstone necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in your month’s magical color.

January - Berry Glass

Cheers to the firecracker born in January. Our Berry Glass represents the classic January birthstone, Garnet. Gifting Garnet is a symbol of love and desire to protect a loved one.

February - Amethyst

For the lover of life born in February. Overcome difficulties with the symbolic protection and power of sparkling Amethyst.

March - Light Blue Illusion

Fortune follows the lucky ones born in March. Our take on Aquamarine, Light Blue Illusion symbolizes safety and security.

April - Clear Glass

For those born in April, who aren’t afraid to dance in the rain. A Clear Glass stone is for the hopeless romantics, a symbol of everlasting love.

May - Emerald Cat's Eye

Beauty blossoms for those in May. Emerald Cat’s Eye is our interpretation of the classic May birthstone, Emerald. Gift our May birthstone to bring her wisdom and patience.

June - Ivory Mother-of-Pearl

The sun always shines on those born in June. Our Ivory Mother-of-Pearl is loved for its elegance and beauty. Wear for a royal touch to the everyday.

July - Bright Red Glass

The free spirit of July knows how to sparkle. Bright Red Glass is Kendra Scott’s take on the classic July birthstone, Ruby. Gift to a July gal as a symbol of everlasting love.

August - Peridot Illusion

The one in August radiates warmth. Peridot Illusion is a shimmery take on Peridot, the traditional stone of August. Share the gift of vitality and the promise of growth ahead.

September - Cobalt Cat's Eye

For the September ones who see beauty in change. Cobalt’s Cat’s Eye is our striking take on Blue Sapphire. For the September gal, this stone represents sincerity and faithfulness.

October - Berry Illusion

Magic follows the one born in October. Give her the gift of creativity with Berry Illusion, our take on the classic October stone, Pink Tourmaline.

November - Citrine

A grateful heart for the one born in November. Citrine derives from the word “citrin”, which means lemon. Brighten her days with this sunny stone.

December - London Blue Glass

A festive glow follows the cheerful one born in December. London Blue Glass is our unique take on the traditional Blue Topaz birthstone. Share this symbol of love to a gal born during the holiday season.

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