Friendship Bracelets that Give Back

Learn About the Perfect Gift for Your Besties

Celebrating every moment and memory, friendship bracelets date back to thousands of years ago. For ages, it’s represented one-of-a-kind friendships when also worn by another, and we at Kendra Scott are more obsessed with them than ever.

So which friendship bracelets should you and your bestie pick up? Because each BFF duo is unique, we’ve designed into a style and stone for everyone - plus, DIY kits that elevate a childhood craft into a fashionable favorite with a playfully custom look.

Pick Your Pair

Signature Silhouettes & Sets

The original bracelet that started our obsession, the delicate yet delightful Everlyne Cord Friendship Bracelet comes in a rainbow of colors with our most iconic shapes and stones and fun tassels.

Differentiated by its sporty cord and polished ends, our Grayson Friendship Bracelet will easily become a standout part of your stack. Whichever stone and cord combo you choose, this bracelet will definitely add a fun pop of color.

The Elaina Friendship Bracelet will add a playful pop of color that also gives back! This signature style features our iconic oval shape, a hand braided cord, and a fun tassel that brings playfulness to a classic look.

When to Surprise Them with Friendship Bracelets!

National BFF Day

The name speaks for itself doesn’t it? National BFF Day takes place every year on June 8, and because the holiday is less known, they’re going to be more caught off guard when you surprise them with the friendship bracelets!

Their Birthday

What’s better than a gift? A gift with sentimental meaning! And what’s better than that? A gift with sentimental meaning that gives back. 20% of proceeds from the Grayson and the Everlyne Cord Friendship Bracelet will help all women and children live their brightest, healthiest, and most empowered lives.

Just Because

There doesn’t have to be a reason to gift your bestie something shiny. Celebrate your one-of-a-kind friendship with one-of-a-kind jewelry by getting your craft on with the DIY friendship bracelet kit.