6 Ideas for Storing Jewelry

When at Home and Away

If you’ve been building your jewelry collection for years, and one day realize that you have nowhere to store your pieces—don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Knowing where and how to store jewelry properly without tangling or damaging it can be overwhelming, but we have you covered. Follow three of our expert tips for storing jewelry at home, and check out some of our favorite jewelry cases for on-the-go organization.

Tips on How to Store Jewelry

Keep your collection organized and tangle-free with these three storage ideas.

Organize into Categories

Whether you’re storing your jewelry collection in a vanity drawer or displaying it on top of your dresser, consider separating your pieces into compartments and categories. For example, use a small dish or bowl to store your rings, a necklace stand like the Large T-Bar Jewelry Stand, and an earring ladder to hold your favorite hoops, and drop earrings.

Use a Jewelry Box

Don’t have a great place to store all of your jewelry? Opt for an organized jewelry box like the Tall Antique Brass Jewelry Box in White Lacquer. These versatile and stylish storage options come with all of the compartments you need to keep your pieces tangle-free and secure. Psst..we love showing off our colorful statement jewelry by placing it in the top drawer of the Large Antique Brass Jewelry Box!

Separate Your Fine Jewelry

Protect your most precious pieces of Fine & Demi-Fine jewelry by storing them in a separate compartment of your drawer or organized jewelry box. This will help preserve their shine and prevent accidental scratches or wear and tear.

Ideas for Storing Jewelry When Traveling

No matter the destination or trip duration, keep your favorite jewelry secure and organized with three of our favorite travel cases.

For a Short Trip

Heading out of town for a night or two? Space might be tight in your weekend bag, so double up on storage with our Cosmetic & Jewelry Case in Taupe. In the top zipper compartment, conveniently store all of your makeup for on-the-go touch ups. Then, in the bottom compartment, neatly store your jewelry with the help of earring holders, buttoned loops, and separate pouches for small rings and other accessories.

For Your Carry-On

Small enough to store in your personal item or carry-on, the Small Travel Jewelry Case has everything you need in an organized jewelry box—plus, it looks so pretty perched on the hotel vanity or bathroom counter! When you unzip the top, you’ll find two small trays to store your everyday essentials. Then, pull the small handle down on the top compartment to reveal a secure buttoned loop for hanging earrings and necklaces. Finally, lift the top tray to find a large bottom storage area.

For a Long Getaway

Going away for a week or longer? Or, maybe you just have a tendency to overpack—and we totally get it. If you’re trying to figure out how to store jewelry when you’re bringing so much, choose a larger organized jewelry box like the Medium Travel Jewelry Case. Unzip the main compartment to find an extra matching pouch that you can use to secure any larger accessories like watches, bangle bracelets, and statement earrings. Then, lift the main interior lid to find small trays and earring and ring slots for on-the-go organization. This structured case is a must-have for those who travel a lot!