Holiday Gifts for Him

Pieces for Wherever The Road Takes Him

Let’s face it: The guys in our lives can be notoriously challenging to shop for, especially around the holidays. But this year, we have the perfect gifts for him – seriously, they’re that good.

Designed by Kendra Scott in collaboration with her sons Cade and Beck, the new Scott Bros. by Kendra Scott Collection is crafted with natural stones and elevated details for low-maintenance, long-lasting wear. Fun fact: Many styles can become personalized gifts for him courtesy of complementary engraving, and 20% of proceeds from the Cade suite benefits youth causes.

The Scott Brothers’ Favorites

Known for the contrast between their distinct styles, Cade and Beck created this line with a vision for pieces that serve a spectrum of tastes and can hold up to all that life has to offer.

Handsome Bracelets

If you’re looking for gift ideas for him, a simple bracelet or two is a great place to start. Whether they’re wearing one or multiple, it’s an effortless, endlessly versatile accent. For a personalized gift for him, opt for a Robert Corded Bracelet. Not only is it engravable, but as Cade and Beck say, “We’re all about bringing in some texture to our stacks, and adding braided cord makes achieving that variety and balance easy.”

For a bolder beaded look, another gift for him is the Cade Beaded Bracelet in Pyrite. “We’re both really into Pyrite – it’s a natural stone, but elevated by the metallic inclusions – which perfectly represents the balance between our styles and feels very universal,” say Cade and Beck.

Another gift for him? The Hicks Cuff Bracelet. “This cuff looks really good on – you can wear it on its own, and it works especially well with a sleeve cuff,” explain Cade and Beck.The etching adds a little extra interest while also making it ownable.” Easy, classic, and unique, this piece checks all the boxes.

Everyday Necklaces

Style for guys doesn’t stop at bracelets – men’s chain necklaces are in and we couldn’t be more excited. Our Beck Regular & Thin Round Box Chain Necklaces are handsome pieces that can be worn anytime, anywhere. “We both really wanted to bring chains into the collection because they’re so easy to pull off,” say Cade and Beck. “Since we both wear the Beck Chain Bracelet all the time, turning it into a necklace seemed obvious, especially because it creates a set.”

Heritage Rings

When considering gifts for him, you can never go wrong with icons like the Hicks Signet Ring. According to Cade and Beck, “There’s nothing more recognizable in men’s jewelry than the signet ring. We wanted to make ours both a little more interesting and ownable to the brand, and the etched sides were a cool way to accomplish that.”

Gift Ideas for Him

For Your Boyfriend

If he loves to wear a watch every day, a simple bracelet stack featuring a Cade Beaded Bracelet and Kenneth Corded Bracelet will look handsome on the opposite wrist. Want to make your gift extra special? Add a personalized Hicks Signet Ring with your anniversary date engraved as a sentimental touch.

For Your Brother

Help him make a lasting impression at his new job or friends by pairing a colorful Grey Beaded Bracelet with a sleek Beck Rope Chain Bracelet. For an even more elevated look, match it with a Beck Rope Chain Necklace, too.

For Your Dad

Show Dad how much he means to you with a memorable keepsake. Personalize the Robert Corded Bracelet with a meaningful engraving, then pair it with an Evans Corded Bracelet in a complementary color.