Create a Classic Look with White Metals

Style with White Gold, Sterling Silver & More

White metals are a classic for a reason! From signature Silver Fashion Jewelry to elevated Sterling Silver and 14k White Gold, these accessories are incredibly easy to style and pair well with any colorful or mixed metal look.

Explore our Selection of White Metals

Discover iconic white metals for every look and price point.

Classic Silver

Everyone loves a signature silver accessory — this versatile metal is easy to style and pairs well with colorful gemstones, too. Explore our selection of Silver Fashion Jewelry available in Silver, Bright Silver, and Vintage Silver. Our Silver Fashion Jewelry is first cast in Brass and then layered with Rhodium. For a more antique, worn feel, choose a Vintage Silver piece like the Vincent Chain Bracelet. Or, for a brighter look, choose a piece of Bright Silver jewelry like the Fern Pendant Necklace.

Timeless Sterling Silver

Searching for a Demi-Fine accessory that will last for years to come? Browse our wide selection of Sterling Silver jewelry to find delicate, long-lasting pieces in a variety of styles. Our Sterling Silver is a mix of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper which makes it stronger than pure Silver, offering the ideal balance of durability and shine.

Luxe White Gold

Asking yourself “what is White Gold?” White Gold is an alloy that was originally made to imitate platinum, a naturally white metal. Indulge in our selection of 14k White Gold Fine Jewelry, known for its classic shine and high durability. Our 14k White Gold combines Gold with other metals to offer a more affordable price point without sacrificing its strength or long-lasting wearability.

How to Style White Metals

Complement your look with the classic White Gold color that everyone knows and loves.

Create a Monochrome Look

Are you a tried-and-true Silver girl? Create a cohesive white metal look from head-to-toe with a set of Silver hoop earrings, a signature pendant necklace, and a bracelet stack. For an everyday pair of earrings, choose the Heather Hoop Earrings in Silver. Then, choose a Silver Elisa Pendant Necklace featuring your favorite gemstone, and polish off the look with a couple of bracelets like Korinne Chain Bracelet and Abbie Satellite Chain Bracelet in Silver.

Experiment with Mixed Metals

Go ahead, have some fun with your white metal accessories and pair them with a few Yellow or Rose Gold pieces! Or, opt for jewelry that already features the best of both worlds like the Meg Double Band Ring or Merritt Hoop Earrings in Mixed Metal. Our expert tip for mixing metals? Try to balance the look a bit by incorporating dainty mixed metal layers in a curated necklace or wrist stack.

Add a Touch of Color

We said it once and we’ll say it again — White Gold colors pair well with nearly any gemstone color. Add a subtle statement to your everyday with a vibrant piece like the Framed Abbie Silver Drop Earrings in Light Burgundy Illusion or the Vintage Silver Pendant Necklace in Variegated Dark Teal Magnesite. Can’t find a color and silhouette combo that you’re in love with? Create your own at the Color Bar®!