Our Guide to Engagement Ring Cuts

What Is a Diamond Cut and What Are the Different Types?

Whether looking for engagement ring inspiration to show your sweetheart or shopping for the perfect engagement ring for her, first, you need to decide on the type of diamond cut.

Before diamonds are set in engagement rings, they begin as raw stones that are cut and polished into smaller diamonds. A diamond cut is simply the name of the diamond’s shape, and gemologists grade diamonds based on the quality of the cut. Common diamond cuts include round, emerald, princess, oval, pear, and cushion — each has unique characteristics and reflects light differently, giving every cut its own one-of-a-kind sparkle.

Types of Engagement Ring Cuts at Kendra Scott

We’ve designed a stunning collection of engagement rings featuring all responsibly sourced, lab-grown diamonds. Our lab-grown diamonds are hand-selected and placed, possessing the same crystalline structure as mined diamonds, providing an heirloom-quality alternative that’s rooted in both industry advancement and gem technology. Our lab-grown diamonds are available in three iconic cuts: round, oval, and emerald.

Round Cut

Timeless and classic, round cut diamonds have been used in engagement rings for hundreds of years. We’ve put our twist on this popular diamond cut, featuring it in four ring settings with lab-grown diamonds. Maximalists will love our Signature Engagement Ring or Round Iconic Halo Engagement Ring, while minimalists will fall for the Round Solitaire Engagement Ring or Round Solitaire Engagement Ring with Pave Diamonds.

Oval Cut

Known for its elongated silhouette, the trendy oval diamond cut is loved for its graceful design and distinctive shape. We’ve designed three engagement rings featuring oval lab-grown diamonds. If your sweetheart loves sparkle, opt for the Oval Iconic Halo Engagement Ring or the Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring with Pave Diamonds. If she’s looking for a simple band with an oval cut diamond, we recommend the Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring.

Emerald Cut

The rectangular-shaped emerald cut diamond first became popular during the 14th century. Worn by the likes of Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, the emerald cut is mesmerizing and unique. Featuring lab-grown diamonds, this bold diamond cut shines beautifully in our Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring with Pave Diamonds and Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring.

How to Choose Your Engagement Ring Cut & Style

With so many engagement ring diamond cut options, it can be hard to pick a diamond — they’re all gorgeous! To narrow down your choices, we recommend leaning into your sweetheart’s style and personality. Do they prefer more classic and simplistic choices? Or do they gravitate toward bold style choices and lots of sparkle? From there, you’ll also want to consider what wedding bands pair well with the diamond cut and setting.

A diamond expert can help you and your sweetheart find the perfect engagement ring cut to represent your forever love — book an appointment today! During your appointment, our diamond experts will answer questions, help you choose the style, and personalize the ring.