How to Wear Pearls Everyday

Incorporating this Elevated Material to Suit Any Look

Lightweight, timeless, and effortlessly versatile—there’s a reason why so many want to learn how to wear pearls everyday. Whether you want to accessorize a casual outfit or formal evening wear, pearl jewelry adds the perfect finishing touch with its subtle shine. This transitional material is the ultimate neutral and can elevate everyday looks into something that’s truly head-turning. See how our style experts are incorporating pearls into their daily wardrobe—from simple statements to colorful layers.

About Our Pearl Jewelry

Whether you choose a pearl accessory from our fashion jewelry or Fine Jewelry collections, you can be sure that all of our pearls are cultured, meaning that they were grown under controlled conditions. No two pearls are exactly the same, and take up to four years to produce.

How to Care for Your Pearl Jewelry

If you want to know how to wear pearls everyday, the first rule is simple—learn how to properly care for this precious material. Some argue that pearl jewelry is too delicate to wear everyday, but if you take the proper precautions to protect your piece, there’s no reason not to!

Follow the Last On, First Off Rule

To limit handling and to avoid any potential snags, we recommend putting your pearl jewelry on last when getting dressed and after all of your makeup, lotion, and perfume is applied. Conversely, when you’re ready to take it off, be sure to take it off first to avoid clothes getting caught on it or makeup remover brushing against it.

Don’t Wear It In the Shower

Although pearls are grown under water, it’s best to keep them dry once they’re yours. Plus, by not wearing them in the shower, you’ll avoid any potential damage from body washes, soaps, or washcloths.

Clean It and Store It

Wearing your favorite pearl jewelry everyday may mean that it needs to be cleaned from time to time. You can use a very mild, unscented soap and microfiber cloth to gently polish it by hand. Once you’re finished, be sure to dry the pearl thoroughly. When you’re not wearing your pearl jewelry, keep it in a cool, dry place that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight.

How to Wear Pearls 3 Different Ways

Simple & Sophisticated

Our favorite way to wear pearls everyday? By keeping it simple. Elevate your office ensemble or weekend coffee date look with a pair of pearl stud earrings or a pearl pendant necklace. The Arya Silver Pendant Necklace in White Pearl adds a touch of glamor to any outfit, and the Ashton Gold Pearl Stud Earrings are a versatile must-have.

Luxe & Layered

Nothing says curated quite like a necklace stack. Wondering how to wear a pearl necklace layered with other pieces? Opt for a long pearl necklace and pair it with a shorter chain or pendant necklace for contrast. The delicate Michelle 14k Yellow Gold Strand Necklace in White Pearl looks stunning when layered with the Elisa 14k Yellow Gold Interlocking Pendant Necklace.

Cute & Colorful

For the gals who love a touch of color, you’re in luck—pearls are one of the most versatile neutrals that you can wear. Complement nearly any piece of pearl jewelry with a colorful set of stud earrings, a statement cuff bracelet, or a necklace featuring your birthstone. Perfect for the everyday, add the Lindsay Gold Stretch Bracelet in White Pearl to your go-to bracelet stack. Psst…we love how this subtle pearl looks next to signature pieces like the Framed Elaina Gold Delicate Chain Bracelet in Peony Mother-of-Pearl.