Get to Know Our Coolest Metal: Bright Silver

Shine in Bright Silver Bracelets, Necklaces, & More

We’re absolutely in love with the newest metal in our family of Silver jewelry: Bright Silver. Super shiny with a uniquely cool tone to it, this metal pops on every skin tone and looks seriously stunning with blue, green, and white stones. First introduced in the Kendra Scott Spring 2018 Collection, Bright Silver is now a staple among our assortment of metals.

What’s The Difference Between Silver & Bright Silver?

Our Silver is made by layering Rhodium over Brass. Bright Silver is made of a mix of Copper, Rhodium, and Silver, giving it a lighter appearance than Silver. While very similar, when held side by side, you’ll see Bright Silver has an almost white appearance to it.

Our Favorite Bright Silver Pieces

Cool off the tones in your personal collection with some Bright Silver styles. From everyday styles like the Barrett Stud Earrings to statement pieces such as the Franklin Long Necklace, this metal offers something for everyone.

How to Wear Bright Silver

In a Pinch

Whether you’re running late for an appointment or date night, the Tiana Bright Silver Bracelet Set of 3 has your back. Want to stack on even more style? The Uma Cuff Bracelet in Silver will add intricate detail (and a whole other tone) to your arm party.

For On-Trend Layers

One trend we can’t get enough of? Multiple necklaces worn together. Start your layers with the simple Fern Pendant Necklace in Bright Silver. Then, add on the Adelia Y Necklace in Bright Silver for an easy monochromatic moment.

As A Vivid Statement

Looking for the finishing piece to complement your favorite denim dress? The Rayne Necklace in Bright Silver and White Abalone is a timeless favorite. With fun fringe and a pop of neutral iridescence, it’s no wonder that this necklace is a statement must-have.