Donation Application FAQs

Why do I have to fill out my application through the online portal?

Giving back is at the core of our business. We receive more than 5,000 charitable donation requests annually, and that number continues to grow each year. Our YourCause portal is a more efficient process so that we can serve you better! It only takes a few minutes to complete the application and will provide a high-quality experience from start to finish since we are collecting all necessary information upfront. It also provides a secure way of collecting sensitive tax information.

Why do I have to create a login within the online portal before applying?

Creating a login provides a secure way to enter sensitive tax information, as well as a way for you to log in to finish an application, check the status of your application and see all of your pending and past requests in one place. It takes less than 30 seconds!

What if I created a login through the YourCause portal, but I don’t see the application to fill out?

Now that you’ve created a login, click on the appropriate application link again and it should take you to the application.

  • In-Kind Donation: HERE

  • KGB Request (benefitting a charitable organization): HERE

  • KGB Request (benefitting an individual): HERE

How far in advance do I have to apply for a donation or event?

We require at least one month in advance of your event date so that we can ensure enough time for us to be in touch and fulfill requests.

What if I can’t find my organization in YourCause when I’m applying for a donation?

If you're unable to find your organization using your organization's name, try searching by your organization's tax ID (in this format: XX-XXXXXXX). If that doesn't work, and you are a local chapter of a larger organization, you can search for the parent name and use that.

If neither of those methods work, it could be that your organization is not registered with the Guidestar charity list, which is where YourCause pulls the information from. GuideStar automatically creates a nonprofit profile for 501(c) organizations registered with the IRS. If you are still not listed in their database, you should go here. Once you're listed on Guidestar, it takes about 6 weeks to show up in YourCause.

Why do I have to submit my organization’s W9 and Sales Tax Exemption Form for a Kendra Gives Back event, and where do I find them?

If you are applying for a Kendra Gives Back event on behalf of a nonprofit organization, we require these forms for tax purposes and to process payment for the giveback amount after your event. If you do not work for the organization but are hosting an event with an organization as the beneficiary, you can reach out to the organization to get these forms.

What if I’m not a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization?

If you are not a nonprofit, you may still apply for a Kendra Gives Back event and the store will work with you to determine if an event is appropriate for your request. At this time, we are only able to provide in-kind product donations to nonprofit organizations.

Who is reviewing my request?

For in-kind donation requests from individuals not within 60 miles of a store, the corporate philanthropy team reviews each application. For all other in-kind product donation requests and Kendra Gives Back event requests, a member from the nearest store reviews each application.

When will I hear back about my application?

Please allow 2 weeks from the time you submit your application to hear from someone. For Kendra Gives Back events and in-kind product donation requests, if you have indicated in your application that you are within 60 miles of a store, you will hear from a store team member; if you do not live within 60 miles of a store, you will receive an email notification if your application has been approved or declined.

When will I receive my in-kind product donation?

If you are within 60 miles of a store, the store will contact you to arrange a date for you to pick up your item at the store.

If you are not within 60 miles of a store, we will ensure your item arrives at the shipping address provided by your event date, which must be at least 1 month from when you submit your application.  

You will get an email from YourCause once your item has been processed. It will include the in-kind value and product description, which will serve as your donation form. 

If you do not receive your item, please reach out to  

What if I have a question about my application?

If you are within 60 miles of a store and have not received a response from them within 2 weeks of applying, please contact their team directly using our store navigator. We recommend calling first and emailing if you're unable to leave a voicemail.

If you have not received a response from a store or an email notification within 2 weeks of applying, you can email While we would love to provide the status of every application at any stage of the process, it’s hard to keep up with the high volume of inquiries! We will be sure to assist you if you have not heard back from anyone in the 2-week time frame.

You may also contact if you are having technical difficulties with the application process.

Can I apply for monetary support through a sponsorship or grant?

At this time, we are not seeking any new partners for sponsorship or grant opportunities, however we'd be happy to support your organization locally through an in-kind product donation or Kendra Gives Back event.