Engagement Collection Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions.

Diamond Selection

Kendra Scott Engagement Rings offer an assortment of custom lab-created diamonds. The difference between lab-created diamonds versus mined diamonds is that the first is from a laboratory and possesses essentially the same chemical, physical and optical properties as its natural counterpart, while a mined diamond is a natural diamond created by forces deep within the young Earth. (Source: GIA)

How to Order a Custom Engagement Ring

Schedule an Appointment: In Store or Virtually 

  • Appointments are highly encouraged, but not required. You may schedule an appointment by calling one of the participating stores here or through our website here.
  • Virtual appointments may be leveraged to preview or purchase the diamond assortment. All virtual appointments will be facilitated using Zoom. Each customer is responsible for acquiring access to this application in order to facilitate their appointment. Please click here for more information. 

How do I order a custom diamond ring via Kendrascott.com? 

  • Custom diamond rings can be purchased in-store only. Please contact one of the participating stores or schedule a virtual appointment to meet with a Diamond Expert.
What Stores Offer Custom Engagement Rings?

The below Kendra Scott stores currently only offer custom engagement rings:  

  • Tampa Hyde Park 
  • Pittsburgh Walnut Street
  • Savannah Broughton Street 
  • Charleston King Street 
  • Dedham MA 
  • Nashville 5th & Broadway 
  • Lexington Summit 
  • SoHo (NYC) 
  • SoCo Flagship 
  • Dallas Preston Center 
  • Las Vegas Summerlin 
  • Houston Heights Mercantile 

I Purchased a Custom Engagement Ring and Want To Make a Change (Carat, Ring Size)

Reach out to the Kendra Scott store where the ring was originally purchased to see what accommodation can be made, depending on the current stage of your order. Due to the nature of your custom order, each request will be evaluated separately.    

How Do I Check the Status of an Order?

I purchased a custom engagement ring – when will it arrive?  

  • From the date of purchase, a custom engagement ring will arrive within 21 days to either the store or direct to the customer. For orders shipped directly to the customer, a signature is required for the delivery. Production starts on Monday for any orders placed over the weekend.

I need delivery direct to my house -- is it insured? Signature required?   

  • Yes. All custom engagement ring orders will be insured, and a signature is required upon delivery. UPS may make up to 3 attempts to deliver before shipping back to the sender. Holds at local facilities will not be permitted unless otherwise determined by a customer driven UPS My Choice account. Kendra Scott is not responsible for any goods delivered to 3rd party carriers.

Kendra Scott Services and Offerings

Will my engagement ring come with a warranty?    

  • Yes, you may review the product warranty here - need to link to warranty section on terms page.  
  • Insurance is not provided by Kendra Scott although highly recommended to be sourced by a local or 3rd party supplier.  

Does Kendra Scott offer an upgrade program?  

  • Kendra Scott does not offer any upgrades currently.

I want to shop engagement rings, but my local store does not offer the assortment. How can see/purchase a piece from this collection?  

  • At Kendra Scott we offer the ability to view our Diamond Assortment virtually. You can schedule an appointment with one of our Diamond Experts here.

Does Kendra Scott offer resizing?  

  • Yes. Kendra Scott offers resizing for custom engagement rings, please reach out to one of our select Kendra Scott Stores here to facilitate this process.  

I need to get my ring repaired/resized. What are next steps?    

  • Please visit one of the following Kendra Scott locations to facilitate a ring repair. Repairs due to manufacturing opportunities will be free of charge. All other repairs may be subject to additional fees. Fees will be assessed by Kendra Scott and communicated to the customer before any repair is conducted. The customer may elect whether or not to move forward with the repair at that time. Shipping for repairs is free of charge to the customer for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Cleaning and Care Instructions

Visit any of the participating Kendra Scott stores for a complimentary cleaning for the lifetime of any piece from our engagement assortment. Cleaning is exclusive to the engagement assortment. You can check which stores offer complimentary engagement ring cleaning here.

Kendra Scott’s engagement ring assortment use the finest materials and craftsmanship so they may be worn every day. To ensure your ring lasts a lifetime, regular cleaning and care is recommended to maintain your jewelry’s shine. 

To clean our collection of engagement rings, we recommend using our Sparkle + Shine Cleaning Duo or a fully dissolved mixture of 1 teaspoon of mild dishwashing soap and 1 cup of warm water. Gently wipe your ring clean with a professional polishing cloth or soft bristle toothbrush. Rinse with clean water and dry on a clean, soft cloth. Using jewelry dips or polishes is not recommended as they may contain harsh abrasives that can damage the color or finish of the jewelry. Maintain your jewelry’s color and shine by avoiding contact with agents such as perfumes, hand sanitizers, lotions, soaps with added moisturizers or exfoliants, makeup, and hair & cleaning products such as bleach, chlorine, alcohol, and acetone.  

If your ring needs a deeper cleaning, a professional ultrasonic cleaning should be performed to remove dirt and build up. We do not recommend using an at-home ultrasonic cleaner as the vibrations could dislodge a loose diamond from its setting. Please contact one of our participating Kendra Scott stores here for assistance with professional cleaning so we can ensure the prongs are tight and center stone is secure.

14k White Gold is plated with Rhodium for a brilliant white finish. Over time, with daily wear, the Rhodium may gradually wear off exposing the natural yellow-white tone of the 14k White Gold underneath. You can restore the finish by having it professionally replated. Please contact one of our participating Kendra Scott stores or Customer Care for assistance with replating repair.  

Examine your ring regularly to ensure your settings are secure. Worn prongs are vulnerable to become loose when hit against a surface or snagged on material which could result in the loss of a diamond. Pavé settings are very delicate, and we suggest you avoid wearing your ring if you will encounter conditions where abrasion, extreme impacts, or force is used to avoid losing a diamond or scratching the setting.   

Kendra Scott recommends always removing your jewelry before showering, swimming, and exercising; as well as storing your jewelry in a pouch or lined box for safe keeping.

Return Policy for the Engagement Assortment

Return Policy:

  • The customer may return an eligible, unworn, unused custom engagement ring for up to 30 days without penalty. Post 30 days, the customer will be responsible for a 20% restocking fee (20% of the Retail price at the time of purchase). 

How to refund a cash transaction:

  • A cash transaction may be refunded if eligible to the above return policy. Cash transactions will be refunded via a mail order check that will be processed and mailed within 14 days of the return. 
Engagement Ring Financing Options

Does Kendra Scott offer financing?  

  • Yes, through Affirm or Afterpay you may apply for financing for the purchase of your ring. 


  • Buy and receive your purchase right away and pay for it over several months. This payment option allows you to split the price of your purchase into fixed payment amounts that fit your monthly budget. 
  • If Affirm approves your loan, you'll see your loan terms before you make your purchase. See exactly how much you owe each month and the number of payments you must make over the course of the loan. There are no hidden fees. 
  • The application process is secure and real-time. Affirm asks you for a few pieces of information. After you provide this information, Affirm notifies you of the loan amount that you’re approved for and the number of months that you have to pay off your loan -- all within seconds. 
  • You don’t need a credit card to make a purchase. Affirm lends to the merchant directly on your behalf. 
  • You may be eligible for Affirm financing even if you don’t have an extensive credit history. Affirm bases its loan decision not only on your credit score, but also on several other data points about you.  
  • Affirm reminds you by email and SMS before your upcoming payment is due. Enable Autopay to schedule automatic monthly payments on your loan.
  • Learn more at: https://www.affirm.com/how-it-works


  • When a customer chooses Afterpay at checkout, you will enter into an agreement with Afterpay. Afterpay settles the full sale at the time of purchase with Kendra Scott. You agree to pay Afterpay 25% at time of purchase, and 25% every 2 weeks, across four interest-free installments* and 6 weeks.
  • Afterpay also provides a type of installment option that offers you more flexible ways to pay for high-value orders with interest**. Upon approval, a 6- or 12-month interest-based repayment option may be offered. This option provides flexibility to spread out repayment on a monthly basis on items over $400.
  • Learn more here