The Everyday Diamond: White Topaz

Find The Beautiful Material in White Topaz Earrings, Necklaces & More

Loved by those who go by the mantra, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” White Topaz is a shining transparent stone found in our Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Vermeil suites, allowing you the Diamond look for less!

White Topaz may not be refractive like a Diamond, but at this attainable of a price, it’s the perfect match. Plus, pieces that feature this stone are extremely versatile to style, and since they closely mimic a timeless stone, they’re sure to catch everyone’s attention.

The Gemstone Profile

More About the Mineral

White Topaz is a silicate material that is offered in a variety of colors as well—our Nellie 14k White Gold Pendant Necklace in Light Blue Topaz is a great example. In its purest form, Topaz is transparent and the various hues of its colored iterations are a result of impurities in the mineral.

What It Inspires

White Topaz is a very dynamic stone and believed to bring energies associated with peace, hope, and self-confidence.

Our Favorite White Topaz Pieces

Shimmering Earring Sets

Radiant and truly beautiful, our White Topaz earrings complement nearly any style—from statements to everyday attire. A few of our must-haves include the Aliyah Sterling Silver Studs, Sasha 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil Mini Studs, and Adanna Sterling Silver Huggie Earrings.

Delicate Single Studs

Tell me about it, stud. These single pieces are ideal for a curated ear, and pair well with hoops and ear cuffs. Choose from the Ciera Mini, Iva, Tracy, and Daisy Single Studs.

How to Wear White Topaz Earrings

Curate a Sophisticated Ear

For an elevated style that you can wear to work or for a night out, pair the Aliyah Stud Earrings with a Ciera Mini Stud on one ear—your friends are sure to do a double take.

Opt for a Solo Statement

Love wearing your go-to huggie earrings every day, but searching for something to add? Select a Tracy or Nicki Single Stud in White Topaz for a curated style that incorporates some much-needed sparkle.

Mix and Match

Rules are meant to be broken. Choose two different single studs and wear one on either side for a head-turning look—we love how the Daisy Single Stud and Alessia Mini Stud contrast and complement.