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Celebrate doing good, finding joy, and living a life you love with select jewelry, apparel, and décor inspired by Kendra Scott’s memoir, Born to Shine.

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Heartfelt. Joyful. And filled with life lessons from the woman who started it all. Hear from Kendra herself as she tells her story on her own terms—all the good and not-so-shiny—and builds a life rooted purpose.

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“Dream big or not at all.”

It takes a whole lot of ambition and hard work to make your dreams come true. Get the styles that speak to a can-do-anything attitude.

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With necklaces, earrings, and rings that give your day a serious dose of shine, you’ll look—and feel—your very best.  

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Want some more shine in your life? We got you! Get decked out in all things Born to Shine, from hats to mugs, shirts to swag. 

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